Global Success

NobleTek has partnered with many industry-leading companies to help streamline their current processes. We are also providing ongoing, global support and consulting services to ensure the success of our customers. Below are a few representative examples of why NobleTek is treated as a trusted enterprise partner.


  • Global Industrial Equipment Products and Services Provider
  • Over 40,000 employees in over 90 countries
  • Manufacturing done primarily in Europe, USA and Asia


  • Digital Collaboration on a Global Scale
    • Global Implementation of Dassault Systemes’ 3DExperience Platform
      • Over 1000 End Users around the globe
    • Promoting Out of the Box Best Practices
      • Platform adoption made easy
      • Scalable for future growth and diversification
  • Building the Right Team - Together
    • Ensures proper governance and communication
    • Team Resource Breakdown
      • 25% customer resources
      • 75% NobleTek resources
  • Key NobleTek Contributions
    • Definition of the System Architecture
    • Implementation of the New Global System
    • Support of the Global Solution
      • 24 Hour Application Support
        • All Time Zones


  • Global Leader in Plastic Container Design and Manufacturing for over 50 Years
  • Over 6,000 employees between North America, South America and Europe
  • Manufactures Over 40 Billion Plastic Containers per year


  • Replace current R&D PLM System with the 3DExperience Platform
    • Create a “Single Version of the Truth” for use by the Global Team
    • Foster more efficient ways to globally innovate and collaborate
    • Streamline New Product Development
  • Migrate all legacy data to the 3DExperience
    • Maintain tribal knowledge and customer’s IP
    • Capitalize on the modern platform infrastructure
    • Provide scalable system to handle future growth
  • Partnership is Key
    • Solution Architecture designed by a Core Team of Experts from both sides
    • NobleTek Experts from the US, EU and Asia participated
    • Customer R&D Experts from the US and EU involved
    • All dedicated to a common goal
      • Satisfy target markets and customers with a robust product development system


Customer is considered one of the most modern and innovative oil refineries in Europe. Flexibility is a key requirement. Its cutting edge refinery can process crude oils with wide variations in physical and chemical properties. This flexibility allows production of a full range of petroleum products from one plant. Flexible manufacturing combined with the most stringent International specifications create complex requirements and processes that cannot fail. Customer supplies to all major petroleum marketing companies in S. Europe, in addition to many partnerships abroad.

Apart from fuel refining, customer is the only company in its country that manufactures and packages lubricants. It is committed to being a leader in the petroleum refining business. One of its missions is to provide the region it serves with a reliable and affordable supply of energy. By following this mission, it has evolved into one of the major contributors to the country’s domestic economy and a key market player in the region.


The customer is implementing a modernized and scalable IT infrastructure for its refinery, in which plant Information will be managed in an asset-oriented approach. These connected devices will be tightly integrated with the operational systems at the refinery, continuing to help the company maintain and grow its market share.


  • Boost Asset Availability, Flexibility and Reliability
    • Respond in a smarter and more efficient manner to large market fluctuations
  • Improve Overall Efficiency
    • Provide accurate asset information for every asset (Human or Machine)
  • Continue to centralize the storage and access of all asset information
  • Manage data in a proactive, forward thinking manner
    • Ensure all upgrades in the foreseen future are less costly and complex


  • Implementing Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)
    • NobleTek resources from India and Europe participating
    • At customer site and offshore
    • Dedicated to the customer's information system implementation


  • Change management processes of the organization had to be adapted
  • Moving from a primarily paper based system to a modern ALM system required a significant amount of effort and change for the organization and its people
  • Understanding the local way of working and local principles
    • NobleTek selected a strategic local partner
  • Connecting the new system seamlessly with existing ERP (SAP)

NobleTek has implemented a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and connected it to the ERP system in order streamline the whole asset management process from beginning to end. The 3DEXPERIENCE, implemented by NobleTek, now controls all asset creation and acquisition. It also handles the implementation and maintenance of those assets.



  • Joint Effort Involving 17 European Countries
    • Research conducted at the molecular level
    • Strict International Standards and Requirements
  • Goals revolve around centralizing scientific data
    • 3DExperience Platform
  • International collaboration in the following fields:
    • Medical and Life Sciences
    • Technology for Energy and Environment
    • New and Smart Materials
    • Everyday Chemistry (paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics, etc.)

Spallation is a process in which fragments of subatomic material (spall) are ejected from a body due to impact or stress. The futuristic facility is composed of a linear accelerator in which protons are accelerated and made to collide with a rotating, helium-cooled tungsten target. By this process, intense pulses of neutrons are emitted and led through beam lines to experimental stations, where research is done on different materials. This research will help discover and develop new materials with applications in manufacturing, pharmaceutical drugs, aerospace, engines, plastics, energy, telecommunications, transportation, information technology and biotechnology.

The facility has selected Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for its data management. All scientists in 17 European countries and at the base location will use the same platform to collaborate during the design phase.

NobleTek has been engaged to provide skills and knowledge in PLM and in the area of Engineering to assist the research team in 3DExperience deployment and usage. NobleTek consultants are co-located at the base location with the research team to accomplish the facility's first milestone in 2019.